Performing Meditation—The Right Way

Meditation is a very necessary practice for those who want freedom in their health. Health is not limited to physical wellness, but it also covers social, mental, emotional and psychological wellness. Meditation is an art, and there is a specific way in which it should be done so that tin will work for you in the best way. Apart from mastering the art, you also need to be consistent in meditation time and duration. The body has a way through which it tunes itself to the specific time you meditate every day and the duration in which you meditate every day. Meditation requires concentration, and you cannot do meditation when there is anything that can distract you. Therefore, you should do it after switching off your computer, phone, TV and any other gadget that can be of distraction to you. Yo8u may have children, and this may make it impossible to do your meditation peacefully. Therefore, do it after you have ensured that they have slept.



The posture you take during meditation is very important. Most people do it on their beds and couches, and this usually results to them falling asleep. Therefore, meditation should be done when one is seated upright such that the back bone is at right angle with the surface on which one is sitting. This surface may be the floor or a chair, as long as it is firm and not too soft. In order to make the back comfortable, you can use pillows to support. Avoid bending your neck when on meditation; hold it up high, to ensure that there is no strain and that there is full supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and tissues in the head. The first step in actual meditation is to obviously close your eyes and deliberately ensure that your facial muscles are calm and peaceful. Regulate your breathing pattern, too. You should first start with a deep breath, and then you should maintain complete breathing, in that you should breathe in fully and breathe out fully.