Not Attaining Spirituality Leads to Suffering of Modern Man

We have the common person who is so caught in the circle of ignorance, poverty and illiteracy that he does not have any time to learn the moralities of life. But then, how can a man know about religion, God or focus o soul when he is on an empty stomach? Yet, it is the poor who still have some vestige of humanness and goodness in them. Even today, they consider a guest as a messenger of God and treat him as such, sharing magnanimously whatever little they have.


Where will these mindless pursuit of transient think lead? With these, man cannot be happier or peaceful. Today everyone complains of degeneration of values and corruption in all lifestyles. However, nobody seems to be prepared to break away from it and make a fresh beginning. Corruption has become a chronic future of our times, so much so that pupil has started treating it as a normal future. They no longer show righteous indication against corrupt practices, fights in justice of express any shock when cruel or inhuman acts are committed against their brethren.


Modern man has dug his own grave by rejecting the moral and spiritual values upheld in the ancient scriptures of the whole world. Bible, Adigranth, Ramayana, Bhagvad Geeta all contain pearls of wisdom which man has disdainfully rejected. Money has become God. It is to the sound of money that man responds and not the chiming of bells in the churches, temples, etc., which were once considered the above of God.


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