Navigating In Healing The Hidden Self

We have three layers of psyche as characterized by the minister Dr. Freud, a study of psychologists and according to Freud, those levels form our conscious (unconscious mind), subconscious (subconscious mind) and catalytic mind or unconscious mind. . The unconscious mind is often unconscious. When the mind is telepathic or comatose, it works mechanically. We know that this mind is at work, because anaerobic actions or reactions occur, which come from instinctive feelings flowing from the unconscious mind.


The conscious mind is a key requirement to store our device to see, notice, feel, and notice the environment around us. If this area of your mind is blocked, you will be confused and unable to reach your goals. In interrelated terms, self-healing involves learning to love oneself ... loving oneself. You can learn to love others as well. The problem we face is why negative thoughts and pessimism often sneak up, prevent us from seeing ourselves through imbalances, and prevent us from achieving our goals.


When we think negatively, it affects our energy and our livelihood. It spoils the useful habits that we can use to develop the hidden self. One particular practice in self-healing is to release negative thoughts. The thought of despair often leaves a person without any energy or spirit. If one's mind is healthy and free from worries or anxieties, one can be happy and healthy. Lack of enthusiasm becomes unconstructive, a person who dislikes himself, his actions, doubts himself and others.


Negativity is a source of evil that we should all avoid. One must consider the source in order to overcome negative thinking. For example, resentment or suspicion is a tool of negative thinking that causes emotional disturbance. You can eliminate these negative patterns through daily meditation. Meditation can help anyone to reduce and tear the wear caused by pessimistic thinking. Pessimistic thinking hinders wealth.


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