My Enemy is My Friend: The Unwanted Life Coach

The Veridical Paradox

Is it possible to need something unnecessary? Is it possible to be an enemy friend at the same time? Also, is it possible that a paradox is a paradox in itself in an endless loop? If either of these provides a convincing answer, it is possible that the required life coach would become an unwanted life coach in the first place. In general, trends in society these days are beneficial for a person who wants a deep and personal bond of collaboration with another peer known as the Life Coach. In this aspect, this person needs something he wants to instill in his lifestyle. The person sees the need to guide someone. Even with the presence of a personal trainer for the existence and sanity of a person, man’s way of thinking is what they need, when they need it, and where they need it. May apply. And what is not required is abandoned or avoided.

People, as social beings, always like to be with the people they want. It has been a conservatism that only friends have value for each other and have the opposite value of abandoning enemies. But the fact is that in order to fulfill and value the meaning of friends, there must have been enemies to compare with friends. Now isn't that a contradiction? The enemies here are helpful. Inadvertently negotiating with people for a friendly relationship with others. So if that's the case, isn't the victim's first friend?



Capability and Potential

"Who came first, the chicken or the egg?" It is very difficult to justify that statement. Some may answer this with a hen because of their ability to lay eggs, while others opt for the ability to become a chicken one day, since the chicken that is currently in control comes from the egg. In this chaotic world, friends and enemies are no different than a chicken or an egg. Friends may be friends of past enemies, and enemies may be friends who have taken a different course in life. So how do enemies become friends? We can put into perspective that the enemy is already a negatively identified social figure. The enemy is already expected to be the cause of a constructive outcome when communicating. The enemy has already alerted us to what should be avoided from experiencing the same unpleasant things. Unfortunately, no matter how much we try to think that they cannot do the same thing again, the person already has the experience of doing it.

According to logic, our enemies are already teaching preachers in life to learn from things we don't want to experience again, and to remove such paste and become stronger in life. They are able to indirectly bring up the face of painful eating and warn them of what might happen again. Whether we like it or not, each and every one of our enemies is the coach of unwanted life in our lives. Amidst the differences, they are unexpected friends. My enemy is my friend, and my friend can become my enemy.


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