It’s Not What You Can’t Do, But What You Can

Do you find yourself focusing on the things you can’t do and lamenting the fact you can’t do them? Do you wish that you could do some things you enjoy doing better than you can do them? Most of us do have these thoughts and handle them in different ways. Some just continue to do them, whilst others do a course to improve the way they do them. Some people however have approach their thoughts in a different way.


Instead of focusing on what they can’t do, they focus on the things they can do, and work on doing them even better. Maybe you can’t cook a very good baked dinner, but if you can create a wonderful baked cheesecake then let the cheesecake become your signature dessert. If you can’t grow tomatoes in your garden, but you can grow flowers then create a beautiful garden and become known for the flowers you grow there, rather than the tomatoes you can’t grow.


When we focus on perfecting what we are already doing well, we begin to feel good about ourselves. Every day we hear our self-talk telling us conflicting stories. Our friends may praise us for something we have done or the new clothes we are wearing, but we find it impossible to accept that praise graciously and without making an excuse for it.  Our negative self-talk will often speak louder than the words of our friends. 


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