Interpreting Common Dream Images

Images in dreams can be misleading at times, and many dreams defy logical interpretations. One reason for this is that dreams often use symbolic language to tell their story, and that the stories told by the unconscious may be very different from the experience of waking time. It is helpful to understand some common interpretations of some of the most common dream symbols.

Dreaming of weapons, or being in envelopes, can represent a subliminal desire to live your desires. This type of dream often represents a kind of wish fulfillment. If you dream of having your arms tied or interrupted in some other way, you may feel "bound" or restricted in your waking life.

Many people think that dreaming about a boss is because of their fear of work, but often the boss in your dream represents another person of authority in your life. In some cases, the boss may represent the part of your own mind that controls other parts.

Cats can have many meanings in a dream, depending on the context and the individual dreamer. Some common definitions of cats include representations of intuition, magic, femininity and sexuality. The dreamer's personal feelings about cats in the dream world are an important part of finding their meaning.

Death and drying
Many people think that the dream of death for themselves or their loved ones is a prophecy, but this is rarely true. Death and dreams of death are often manifestations of other fears and anxieties.

Food dreams are often metaphors that require mental or emotional upbringing, not physical upbringing. As always, the context of the food in the dream can provide important clues in its meaning.

Dreaming about fire often symbolizes passion or sexuality. Carl Jung believed that fire was a symbol of transformation.

A dream about a flower garden may symbolize the growth of the soul, while a dream about a garden infested with weeds or death may indicate that the dreamer is looking for additional spiritual food.

Hands can be both positive and negative symbols, depending on their position in the dream and the context in which they appear. The appearance of the clenched hands can symbolize unity or unity. Sleeping while washing your hands may indicate that the dreamer has an open problem that needs to be addressed in the awakening world.

A dream about work suggests that you are overworked or busy with career challenges. It can also be a sign that you need to be more productive.

The lock in your dream may mean that the dreamer will not be able to get what he needs. It could also be a sign that something is trapped inside, such as emotion, talent, or memory.

Dreaming about a nurse can indicate an unresolved need to be taken care of.

Dreams about oceans or other large bodies of water often represent the unconscious. The state of water in a dream indicates the emotional state of the dreamer. Therefore, the dream of calm sea can indicate a calm emotional life, while the dream of high waves and tidal waves can indicate emotional distress.

The interpretation of this symbol depends on its context. Wallets can represent a place to keep secret property safe, but losing your wallet in a dream can indicate that you are afraid of losing your power or property.

Dreams from school or classrooms can represent lifelong learning experiences. Class dreams can also indicate that spiritual education is taking place. In addition, school or classroom dreams may indicate a longing for a simple life that represents childhood.

Sigmund Freud saw trains as a fictitious symbol, and sometimes this interpretation is correct. You may feel that you have missed an important opportunity in your waking life by dreaming of missing a train, but you may feel that you are in control of your life by dreaming of becoming a conductor.