Importance Of Children's Personal And Interpersonal Development

We always want the best for our children. We want to make sure we give them all the love and care that we can. We are trying to protect them from evil and to protect them. But above all, we try to prepare them for their own future. We give them tools, like education, to give them a better chance to succeed in life. But one aspect that we sometimes forget to develop in them is their personal and interpersonal development.


However, these days we need to pay attention to this aspect of our children's development. Nowadays, growing children, especially teenagers, are grouped by stereotypes such as sports athletes, nerds, prom queens, etc. Digital and electronic entertainment such as television, computer and video game inflows and the Internet have also evolved. Virtual culture, in which interpersonal relationships are impersonal and sometimes imaginary. Remember, our children do not have to do tedious work to help them develop their personal and interpersonal development. In most cases, this is what we need to do that is part of upbringing.


Simple walks in the garden are recommended to play with it at least once or twice a week. Encourage your children to make friends with other children. Take a trip to the zoo or mall with them. Encourage them to talk to other people, hand over payments to the cashier while you are at the grocery store, and let the police officer ask for directions when you need them. Consider these simple but valuable life experiences that a growing child needs, as you develop not only their communication skills, but also their confidence.


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