How to Know the Real You

 To a very large extent knowing yourself requires you to understand aspirations both physical, the spiritual values, the emotional values and even understanding of the spiritual and knowing how you can attain all these life requirements.   If you come to an understanding of all these aspects of life, then you are on the path to self discovery. This is what brings lifelong peace in our lives, making it a joyful life and you will be contented in all aspects.


We all at one point in our lives get knowledge, develop our talent and skills that in one way or another make our lives comfortable. In spite of all these we stand ignorant about what we need spiritually. We tend to ignore the spiritual bit of life which is always hidden though it is of great essence.  This can largely be attributed to the reason of our unhappy and disturbed life.


The first step to self discovery is by having a look at the needs of the soul and try feeling its need. We need to come to terms with the fact that self is not the physical body that we are seeing each and every day. It is but the inner us comprising of our soul. Since time immemorial we have always been told of our soul being immortal and it tends to pass from body to body.


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