How Karate Can Help With Meditation

Although the ancient origins of karate are somewhat unclear to us, The one thing I can tell you,is that about 1400 years ago, while teaching at the Shaolin Temple in China, Daruma Daishi used techniques that were similar to karate. Later these techniques developed into forms of karate known as Shaolin Boxing.

You need a clear mind to use Karate and meditating is the best way to clear your mind when you are in a sport such as karate. In 1955 one of master funakoshi's last direct pupils cam to the United States and was the first person to teach karate in this country. That same year he put together Southern California Karate Association, which has grown over several years to now become a national non-profit organization.

As I meditated I continued to learn more about karate.I learned in 1961,which happens to be my year of birth, Mr Caylor Adkins, One of Mr Ohshima's first black belts, began attending CSULB and soon formed the school's first karate club. In 1968 after being gone for a while he returned to CSULB along with a gentleman named Mr Don Depree. Mr Depree carried on the tradition and led the growing club until the year 1992,when he entrusted the leadership of the club to Mr Samir Abboud.

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