How Does Reiki Heal?

Reiki (ray-key) is a form of technique that aids the human body stresses and tensions by providing and creating deep relaxation and calmness. The word “Reiki” is made up of two Japanese words, “Rei” meaning “The Wisdom of God or the Higher Power” and “Ki” meaning “Life Force Energy”. When the definition of the two words combined, Reiki means “Spiritually guided life force energy”. Our body is an amazing machine, it is not only made up of physical elements such as bones, muscles, and organs. The energy body flows through and around our body helps us in processing our thoughts and emotions. The center of these energy bodies are called “chakras”. The chakras are like valves that allow energy to flow around the body. The life force energy is carried through our bodies by energy meridians and Nadas. The Chakras have only been recently become famous, with the growth of popularity of the Yoga exercise.

Reiki energies have a high and healthy frequency and potency. The healing power of Reiki comes from its own ability to reduce stress and change those stress to calmness and relaxation. The body goes into a state of deep relaxation during Reiki which can release stress and tension. This relaxation will continue to be felt even after the Reiki session has ended. It can be used alongside any treatment prescribed by a doctor. When the life force energy cannot travel through our bodies freely, it can lead to us becoming sick. One of the main causes of this energy becoming blocked is stress. The conflicting thoughts and feelings that we have when we are stressed can become lodged in our energy system. Medical research has shown that is becomes difficult for the body to recover and repair after an illness if we are continually living with stress.

The answer to the question “How does Reiki healing work?” the simplest and generally answer is “It works beautifully.”