Healthy Minds

Healthy minds and mental health is a revolutionary status that we all must face everyday. We all face many problems everyday including terrorism, child abuse, rape, and murder and so forth whether indirectly or directly. There is no escape, so who is really out in this world with a healthy mind? NO ONE!


If you honestly think that you are an exception to the rule then you are on the path to destruction. Even professionals are plagued with problems and if they say they are not, then you had better see someone else immediately. The fact is most psychological professionals go into the business trying to escape their own realities in life. Many professionals would rather help someone else while burying their problems under the surface.


Mental health related issues interrupt even professionals in the criminal system every single day. There is no one in this world excluded from mental illness. There are all types of people in the world, starting with business related people who think they do not have a problem. Do you know what they do every night when they go home? Do you know how they handle their stressors? If you do, no need to read on, since I am out to revenge those that believe they have all the answers to each problem we face everyday of our lives, whether it is directly or indirectly.


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