Healing With Colors Daily

There are different vibrations and energies on weekdays. These include herbs, colors, symbols and planetary energies. These are light worker, mystic, psychic, and soul tools that are constantly looking for more knowledge.

Sunday is a great day to work on trust and deep understanding. On Sunday, of course, the sun rules and its color is yellow. The herbs used are cinnamon and cloves. Here you can work on a solar plexus cycle. There is a foot to clear and reflect the negative. 

Monday is ruled by the moon and Cancer, and its colors are purple and blue. Used herbs: eucalyptus and jasmine. Work your throat here. 

Tuesday is a day of personal strength. Tuesday is ruled by Mars and Scorpio and is red. Used herbs: pepper, ginger and wall. This day is dedicated to working with the root cycle.

Wednesday is the day we get excited. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury and Virgo, and its color is orange. Herbs like lemon oil and lavender can be used. Work on the scriptural cycle. 

Thursday is an extension day. Jupiter is ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius, and its colors are purple, blue, and blue. On this day nutmeg, sandalwood and lime help. Work on the chakras of the crown, eyebrows and neck. 

Friday is the day of love. On Friday Venus and Taurus rule, and its color is green. Herbs like thyme, sage and strawberry can be consumed on this day. Work on the heart cycle. Saturday is a day of change and a day of eclipse of negativity. 

Saturday is ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, and its color is brown. Patchouli is the only herb recommended. Work with all the chakras, as Saturday is the day on which all bad is absorbed.


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