Healing The Hidden Self By Examining The Mind

Deep in the voids of the mind is your subconscious channel, which surrounds the subconscious, conscious and unconscious mind. In this area of the brain is the psyche, where the hidden messages are stored, to which answers can be found during research. Using teaching methods, you can learn from this area of the mind and help you uncover messages from your past that you can use to piece together the pieces of the puzzle that will make you a real person. Some of the popular techniques that can help you explore the subconscious mind are meditation. These are useful techniques to learn by doing.


How the process of meditation works: 

For effective meditation in the first place, you need to find a quiet place. Remove all distractions from your surroundings. Lying on your back in a peaceful place, you will be in a relaxed position. Close your eyes when you are relaxed. In the process, you will want to use visual aids or mental images and a little self-talk.


Start the mediation process by visualizing your toes. Use your images and your awareness so that you can focus on your toes and the reactions that occur. Keep moving throughout our body while you focus on every sensation that your body is expressing. At some point you will tense your body. Let it go and relax again. Inhale and exhale as you focus and relax. Let each breath be natural. Continue to regulate your chest activities as you go through the breathing steps. Keep focusing. Observe your thought patterns.


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