Fun Facts About Dreams And Their Meaning

Dreams have been for humans at least for a long time, and dreams are universally experienced by men and women, young and old and people of all cultures and breeds. In some ways, dreams are a global language, and there are certain topics, such as falling, flying, taking a test and exposing themselves, which appear in dreams around the world. Dreams, so to speak, represent a type of universal human language. Dreams have been studied throughout history, and the interpretation of dreams is actually an ancient art dating back to at least 3000-4000 BCE, even today, to help dreamers see some of the amazing world of dreams there is a lot of demand.

You may think you know everything there is to know about dreams and dream interpretation, but did you know that:


  • A third of our lives is spent in sleep, and a good amount of that time is spent in dreams.

  • The average person dreams from between four to seven times every night. That means that by the time you reach the age of 80, you will have had between 116,800 and 204,400 dreams.

  • That number may be even larger, since there is evidence that dreaming begins even before birth. No one deigns to know what unborn babies dream about, but there is evidence that they do dream.

  • In the average lifetime, a person will have spent approximately six years in dream sleep, equivalent to more than 2,100 days of dreaming.

  • There are records of dream interpretation, written on clay tablets, dating back more than 4,000 years.

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