Focus For Development Thru Visualization And Affirmation

To catch the big fish at the end of the pond, we all have the ability to symbolically spread our wings and fly into the future. The problem is that many people lack skills. Worst of all, many Americans slow down, so instead of bothering to do it, they sit back and wait for something to happen. The situation must change. Thus, we have a wide spread of exceptional technologies to benefit people. People are now motivated to relax, so that their mental tenderness develops in the process necessary to achieve self-development with success. It is believed that we can learn by modifying the way the brain works while stimulating the brain to take steps for new growth. Brain fluctuations increase in the “abnormal” state of consciousness. For some people it seems paradoxical that they stop adopting common sense that learning is nothing more than practice and repetitive learning. In fact, this is a conclusion supported by research in all branches of human studies. Educators, psychologists, and other brain scientists are currently exploring a variety of ways to improve children's and adult's learning abilities, including painting, direct visualization, meditation, autogenously, rhythmic breathing, singing, storytelling and dance. , Music and relaxation.

Studies show that all these techniques can progressively increase the ability to reach, remember and use information and ideas. The same studies tell us that such studies can lead to dramatic changes in brain chemistry and structure, as well as in human behavior. The common ominousness of these techniques is that each system increases brain fluctuations by increasing the amplitude of the brain waves and / or reducing the frequency of brain waves. There are a growing number of interesting studies documenting increased brain fluctuations, the goal of improving the brain, and the beneficial effects of learning. Psychologists have developed a mindfulness technique that focuses on allowing its practitioners to influence their brains so that the person can find insightful new ways to help them change their behavior. Brought to the theatre using the point of view, therapists try to make the person feel their senses using the point of view that is relevant to their problem. Then the person is guided through certain steps that help him to focus and focus on his inner self instead of around him. Once the person's attention is focused on the inner self, it takes him to a dormant state of emotion and he experiences physical sensitivity. Over time, he begins to notice the changes that release stress. The person experiences deep feelings that provide physical comfort and help them to understand their problems more easily.

We have all experienced changes in both emotions and physical condition. When we concentrate. For example, when you go to work, you may feel the pain, but if you forget your wallet or other items you need, you may feel uncomfortable. You start focusing to focus on what you have forgotten to identify the problem. You start thinking, did I leave the coffee maker on? Did you forget to turn off the tap? Is the stove still on or unlocked? Then your mind begins to rethink that you may have forgotten something, but rejects it as an answer because you know it can't be bothering you. .. You don't feel that special inner liberation. Finally, you discover what you have forgotten and feel another change that helps you relax.


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