Feng Shui for Your Kitchen

There are those people who do not know what Feng Shui is but in simpler terms it means wind and water. This is an art which originated from china and it is about the energy flow of life, how it influences our lives and all that is within us. The main feature about Feng Shui is that it is supposed to balance the energy.


Feng Shui is made up of five main elements. These elements play a major role in life and in diverse ways. There are no negative elements and positive elements; it is only that they play their part in different ways. Every element however influences the other one in a different way. These elements are the common things around us and these are metal, wood, water, fire and last but not least earth.


The Chinese strongly believe that these elements are the most vital ones of the earth and all that is in planet earth is combination of all these five elements. Each element has a color that it is associated with. The metal element is associated with white and aqua blue. Green and hunter green are related to the wood. Water is however connected to colors black and navy blue. 


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