Faith: The Invisible Life Coach

There are times when we are the lowest and we desperately need the right answers. Even when we try to think clearly, we are so overwhelmed by our problems that we allow them to simply divert us from our ability to be a thinking being. We succumb to the worries of despair when nothing sustains us. We lose faith in ourselves. We need someone or something to pull us out of the dark so that we don't give in to death. When all else fails, we are held back by a final effort to maintain our sanity. An entity that we cannot even see, touch or hear, we call faith: the invisible life coach.


Man begins with basic physical needs like food and shelter, then seeks security with society, then loves and belongs to a social group, then moves on with the protection of self-confidence as a result of the last three things. Grows, then harmony. The height of human thinking is reached, which is to feel oneself, which is capable of connecting all the needs within oneself. It is true that man has a way of meeting these needs and in fact makes them the basis of self-satisfaction, but a major drawback is the lack of ability to meet them all which results in the fulfilment of needs.


Whenever rankings need to be uprooted, the individual can still hold a thin but durable layer to get back on his way, and when he is able to rebuild to self-awareness, he happens with being able to hold this layer. This is where faith comes from. The unseen and the strong belief that it will maintain sanctity in the place, it is more than self-knowledge because it is beyond ordinary human thinking and solid understanding.


The souls alternate type of fuel

We have repeatedly learned to rise above the ashes. Others may have failed and been completely destroyed. However, even as long as we are not breathing, we have the ability to turn things around and bring ourselves back to health. We are given what we need to do, a heart to stand firm against disappointments, and a body to take the necessary steps. The soul is the collective being of our mind, body and heart. It may still exist with the lack of another, and it is settled in the mind. It changed the present existence that no one sees so that each of us can come into existence. We don't see it, hear it, hold it, or understand it, but we know it's there. We know that the soul of each one of us needs our own encouragement, and a fuel that is moral to be in accordance with the spiritual life of our soul


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