Explore In Healing The Hidden Self

A person's actual psychological personality is called a person's "self". Each of us has a hidden self, but we are not aware of it. A human being thinks that it is his conscience that drives his actions. In fact, our inner selves guide our behavior in our daily lives. It is self-created and changes with the passage of time as we experience new things. The ego is also a part of us. It makes us struggle to make our identity in the world. It emphasizes the individual existence of man as distinct from others. This will make a person proud and selfish. He will ignore certain facts, which will be a hindrance to his self-awareness and thus degrade his personal development.


Self-medication increases a person's energy levels and also helps with treatment disorders such as insomnia, pain, depression and various physical and mental ailments. Meditation and yoga are some of the other ways that help a person achieve higher self. Meditation is a healing method that helps one to think beyond one's own personality and for the development of the entire human race. It is a three-way process that works through self-regulation, self-research and self-liberation. It helps control our animal's desires and improves our concentration. This brings out our potential through many exercises and strengthens our character. It leads us to spiritual realization and closes the gap between our real and true nature.


Self-love is a method of transformation within us. Everyone has the wish that the thing or someone they love is always right. Therefore, if a person loves himself, there is no doubt that he will make all possible efforts to change and develop and become a better person. Reiki method is a method that helps self-healing. The individual expert of this method can cure the climate of any illness physically or mentally and thus the person heals himself with its stretching and leads to internal self-healing. Therefore, many methods help in self-healing, one should only strive to achieve the same.


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