Dreams And Their Interpretation

The interpretation of dreams as a true profession dates back to at least ancient Greek and Roman societies, but dreamers' interpretations of dreams are probably as old as the dreams themselves. There is good reason to believe that people are experiencing dreams as long as they have people. We know that dreams and their interpretations date back to at least 3000-4000 BC. Because it records the interpretation of various dreams. Coming in stone pills, discovered by archaeologists. Many scientists and ethnologists believe that ancients cannot distinguish between the real world, the physical world, and the dream world, the unconscious world.


Dream interpretation has a long and storied history, and dream interpreters have been in great demand throughout history. Dream interpretation was so important to ancient Greek and Roman societies that they went to war with soldiers and advised the rulers the best course of action. Dreams were taken seriously in these societies, and a dream seen as a bad omen was enough to derail a law or postpone a long-planned fight. Ancient Egyptian culture gave great and religious importance to dreams. The Egyptians believed that dreams contain messages from the gods, and these messages should be kept in mind.


The interpretation of dreams has often been seen as a form of prophecy, and dreams have often been analyzed to provide clues to future events. Dreams were regarded as messages of gods, spirits or dead relatives.


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