Dream Interpretation – Remembering Your Dreams

It is important to remember your dreams before you can interpret them and learn what they have to teach you. It is estimated that 50% of sleep content is lost within five minutes of waking up, and 90% of content can be lost after just ten minutes. This small window of memory is one of the reasons many people insist that they rarely or rarely dream, despite the fact that sleep scientists have shown that every human being dreams four to seven times each night. One of the best ways to remember and analyze your dreams and start interpreting them is to keep a dream journal.


When interpreting your dreams, try to make them fun and interesting. If it looks like a dress it is not worth it to do. Most people are busy interpreting dreams for their entertainment and knowledge and not for any profound philosophical or psychological reasons. Some people are able to use their nightmares as springboards in their subconscious, and these people use the places, people and events in their dreams to work through the problems they face in the real world. For example, if you are constantly dreaming about the fall, this may indicate that you feel your life is out of control.


It is also possible to overcome a trauma while in a dream state. For example, people who dream of pursuit sometimes succeed in changing their dreams by facing an attacker in a dream. Often turn around and ask the pursuer what they want from you to turn the dream into a positive one and work on psychological issues because of it. However, not all dream problems are easy to solve. If your dream magazine repeatedly reveals nightmares or similar disturbing dreams, it may be related to a past trauma that will require professional help to deal with.


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