Dream Interpretation – Dreams Of Flying

Dreams of flying may be the most common of all dreams. Dreams about flying often fall into that particular category of dreams in which the dreamer realizes that he is dreaming. These dreams, called lucid dreams, are fascinating to both dreamers and dream researchers. Dreams of flying are often described as joyful, fun, and exhilarating, and dreams of flying are often some of the most enjoyable dream experiences. Dreams in which you fly with ease, soar above the landscape, and enjoy serenity often mean that you are aware of and in control of your life.


Behind the scenes of that happy scenario are the dreams that dreamers have a hard time staying in the air, or the dreams that you cannot fly and begin to fall to Earth. These types of flying dreams can represent a lack of power and an inability to control your personal situation. People who often experience situations that feel helpless experience these negative types of flying dreams. Obstacles such as power lines, mountains, and trees in a flying dream can be a dream state manifestation of the real barriers of life awakening.


There are some interesting types of dream flights for dream researchers and psychologists. Unlike nudity, dreaming or running dreams, falling dreams and other shared dreams, flying dreams represent a skill that people do not get in their waking life. Whenever someone dreams of doing something they are unable to do, researchers are interested in dreaming. Flight dreams can represent a longing or effort to improve. It can also be a manifestation of feelings of power or, in some cases, feelings of helplessness. The ability of the dreamer to control the flight in his dream can be a pleasant experience and gives the dreamer a sense of power that can continue in his waking life.


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