Dream Interpretation – Dreams Of Falling

The dreams you fall into are one of the most frequently reported dreams, and these dreams are one of the main causes of sudden awakening from dreams. Let's start by throwing away the myth that you die when you hit the ground in your dreams. Many fully alive humans have reported hitting the ground in their dream of falling. The fact that these people were there to report this situation is proof that this legend is exactly that-legend. Falling dreams are often interpreted as expressing unresolved fears, anxiety, instability and insecurity.


Falling dreams can represent a feeling of inferiority or failure in your personal or professional life. This fear can be a failure in school, a failure in your job, a loss of your social status or a failure in a relationship. People who experience these situations are often troubled by the dreams they fall into. These dreams may represent a failure to live up to expectations, or the fear of losing your status, the fear of losing the key person in your life, or the widespread fear or failure.


Dreams that fall are most often seen during the first stage of sleep. This is because dreams at this stage are often accompanied by muscle spasms in the arms, legs or even throughout the body. These sudden muscle contractions are known to science as myclonic tremors. The dreaming mind can interpret these muscle spasms as a fall and thus transform the fall into a dream state. Often times when dreamers experience this myclonic shock, they wake up feeling their body contracting.


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