Dream Interpretation – Common Items And Their Meanings

Interpreting dreams can be anything from a fun and interesting hobby to a serious activity. Many people interpret their dreams simply for pleasure, and any enlightenment achieved is a fluke. Others make dream interpretation part of their careers and take it very seriously. For example, many psychologists and therapists incorporate dream interpretation into their practice and find it a very useful way to access hidden desires and deep-seated personality problems. In this article, we will take a more interesting approach by offering you some popular interpretations of symbols and objects commonly found in the dream world.


Dreaming of colors

Many people report that they dream about colors all or most of the time, and colors can be very revealing when applied to the dream world. The meaning of a particular color depends on the color, and here is a quick guide.


  • Pink – pink is the color of love, and pink in a dream often symbolizes the healing power of love
  • Red – red can symbolize either passion or anger, depending on the circumstances of the dream
  • Black – black is often thought to stand for the unconscious mind or the void. Black can often symbolize the fear of death and aging.
  • Grey – grey is a middle color between black and white, and it often symbolizes fear or confusion.
  • White – white is a symbol of purity, but like black, dreaming of white objects can often symbolize a fear of death. White can also be symbolic of a fear of new surroundings.
  • Green – green is often a symbol for renewal (both spiritual and physical), growth or healing.
  • Blue – blue is often used to symbolize spirituality. In certain circumstances blue could stand for sadness as well.  It is important to look at the context of the dream.
  • Yellow – yellow is a symbol for peacefulness, calm and hope.


Dreams about numbers

Many people place great value on dreaming about numbers, and some even claim that dream-inspired numbers helped them win the lottery. While we cannot guarantee that your dreams can make you rich, we can give you some of the meanings that people associate with the numbers they encounter in the land of dreams.

  • One – often stands for unity, wholeness or completeness.
  • Two – can symbolize balance – spiritual balance, gender balance, equality, etc.
  • Three – in the Christian religion three is the symbol for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three is a number often seen in dreams, and it can stand for unity, harmony and spiritual fulfillment.
  • Five – the number five is often a symbol for upcoming change. Five in a positive context can mean the change has been accepted, while five in a negative or threatening environment can symbolize a fear of change.


Dreaming of a baby or a pregnancy

Dreams about pregnancy and baby can of course symbolize a child's desire, but dreams about pregnancy and baby can also be symbols of new experiences in your life. The desire for new experiences or a change in life often triggers such dreams. Of course, the ones listed above are not the only possible interpretations of these various dream symbols. Each dream should be viewed both in its own context and in the context of the dreamer's life. It may be clear to you what a particular dream is, even though others may not interpret it that way.


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