Dream Analysis – Common Symbols Seen in Dreams

The objects, symbols, and people we see in our dreams can be confusing and confusing. Dreams seem to contain their own language, which can be difficult to read for those unfamiliar with the symbolism of dreams. There are many symbols in dreams that are considered universal. These universal themes include theft, falls, tooth loss, and test failures. But in addition to these universal symbols, there are many other important symbols that you will encounter in your dreams.

Angels are typically seen as symbols of goodness, purity and wisdom. The appearance of angels in a dream can be a representation of the quest for spiritual goodness, or a desire to improve your live. Angels can also be symbols of enlightenment. Angels often appear in dreams as guides or teachers. The more spiritually minded often see the appearance of angels as omens or messages.

Animals encountered in dreams are often symbols of our own animal nature or baser instincts. Animals can also be used by the dreaming mind to symbolize repressed desires.

The exact interpretation of an animal dream depends in large measure on the type of animal in the dream. The key to interpreting an animal dream is to examine the nature of the animal dreamed about.

Dreams about black objects can symbolize a fear of aging and death. Black can also represent a perceived void in the dreamer’s life.

Blood in the dream world can represent power and vitality, but the exact meaning of blood in a dream is depending on the context of the dream. Violent dreams where blood is spilled can represent an emotional upheaval or a loss of control. On the other hands, blood on the hands can represent feelings of guilt.

Driving a car in your dream can represent the joy of freedom, while dreaming of a car out of control can symbolize danger or a loss of control.

A dream dance can have many different meanings, depending on the nature of the dance and its context. Dancing can be a symbol for sex, or for romance. Dancing in a dream can also be a symbol of freedom.

Dreaming about eggs can mean a striving for renewal or rebirth, or a feeling of wholeness and unity. Dreaming of broken eggs, on the other hand, can represent a shattering of faith or a shattering of illusions.

Dreaming of fog can mean the dreamer is confused. Fog in a dream can also mean you are ready to explore unexplored parts of your life or your personality.

A dream gate can be either an entrance or an exit, deepening on which way it is swinging.

Dreaming about sickness can be an indication that you need to seek help for a physical ailment. The unconscious mind can be more aware of the body’s condition than the conscious mind.

Finding keys in a dream can indicate you have been keeping a secret, or that you are locking away a secret life.

Dreams in which you are climbing a mountain can symbolize achieving a goal or reaching for higher levels of success. Dreams in which you are climbing down a mountain can mean that you have reached your goals.

Dreams of owls can represent the need for knowledge and wisdom. In some cases, the owl can be a physical representation of the subconscious mind. In many cases, owls are used to deliver messages in dreams.

The road seen in a dream can indicate the direction the dreamer is headed, and the nature of the road can indicate the perceived nature of the journey. A long straight road can mean smooth sailing ahead, while a winding or bumpy road can indicate perceived difficulties along the way.

Dreams of climbing stairs can mean a reaching or a yearning for higher levels of awareness, while deems of descending stairs can mean you fear a diminishing status.

Dreaming of going underground can symbolize a journey to the subconscious, or it can mean that the dreamer is wrestling with issues he or she is afraid to face. In addition, venturing underground during a dream can mean the dreamer is ready to explore previously hidden issues.


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