Do You Take Risks for Career Advancement?

If you play it safe in the current economic climate and do your work each day with no thought of career advancement, no one could blame you. Keeping the job you currently have is probably your focus and you may be thinking there is plenty of time to consider career advancement in the future.


If this is your approach no one will blame you for thinking this way. However, people are taking risks and making career advancements and there is no reason for you to think that just because there is an economic crisis that you must settle for what you have. As someone has said, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Being cautious is different to being negative about risk. As you consider the impact of risk on your decisions, you can make life-changing decisions even when there is risk involved.


Risk taking is a very personal experience for most of us. Some of us will take risks emotionally, but we won’t take risks financially. Others will take financial risks, but avoid physical risks. Taking a risk for career advancement is both an emotional and financial risk, but as in all risk taking, once the hazards are assessed, and the appropriate actions taken to minimize them, we often can complete the riskiest of activities safely and then enjoy the fruits of our achievements.


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