Diseases and Color

There are many colors and many diseases. Sometimes too much color makes us sick, as does too little color. If we can maintain the proper balance in all of our systems, it can be of great benefit to our health. Soak each color until full and move on to the next problem. Anything that bothers you can be found in articles on the web or in a book in your library. Discover these different things and form your own conclusions. You will find that the incredible colors will be a part of you for a long time.

Below are some diseases and their color that may help improve the problem.

Abdominal cramps:  Yellow

Headaches:  Blue

Acne:  Pink

Alcoholism:  Violet

Allergies:  Indigo

Alzheimers:  Royal Blue

Anemia:  Red

Angina:  Red

Anorexia:  Blue

Appendicitis:  Blue

Excessive Appetite:  Indigo

Decreased Appetite:  Yellow

Arthritis:  Violet

Asthma:  Red

Back Pain:  Blue

Baldness:  Violet

Bladder:  Violet

Blood Pressure:  High – Blue Green, Low – Red Orange

Bones:  Violet

Bronchitis:  Blue

Burns:  Green

Cancer:  Green

Cataracts:  Indigo

Spinal Meningitis:  Green

Chicken Pox:  Green

Claudication:  Red

Colds:  Red

Concussion:  Green

Constipation:  Yellow

Coughs:  Blue

Dandruff:  Indigo

Diabetes:  Indigo

Diarrhea:  Green

Indigestion:  Yellow

Eczema:  Indigo

Depression:  Yellow

Insanity:  Orange

Obsessions:  Green

Epilepsy:  Green

Fever:  Green

Flatulence:  Red

Frigidity:  Indigo

Gall Bladder:  Orange

Glaucoma:  Violet

Goiter:  Blue

Gonorrhea:  Blue

Gout:  Violet

Hay Fever:  Green

Heartburn:  Red

Hemorrhoids:  Blue

Hepatitis:  Blue

Influenza:  Green

Insomnia:  Orange

Itching:  Blue

Jaundice:  Blue

Kidneys:  Violet

Leukemia:  Red

Lungs:  Indigo

Lupus:  Green

Mastoiditis:  Blue

Measles:  Green

Menopause:  Green

Mental Disorders:  Violet

Moles:  Red

Mumps:  Green

Nausea:  Blue

Neuralgia:  Blue

Nightmare:  Blue

Paralysis:  Red

Parkinson's Disease:  Indigo

Pneumonia:  Indigo

Rabies:  Green

Rheumatism:  Violet

Rickets:  Blue

Scarlet Fever:  Green

Sclerosis:  Violet

Shock:  Blue

Skin:  Blue

Spleen: Orange

Strep Throat:  Green

Syphilis:  Green

Tetanus:  Green

Tonsillitis:  Violet

Tuberculosis:  Green

Urticaria:  Green

Vertigo:  Green


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