Crystals I through L

Iolite:  This stone is blue lavender. It represents life at a level of truth, peace, and a higher level of consciousness. It is one of the best stones to use in spiritual healing and spiritual activity. It can help open up your mental abilities and expand them> It is mainly used for meditation and star travel.

Ivory:  ONLY use this stone if you are attracted to elephants and walruses. It is used for bone and joint problems. It will help you adapt more to animals and nature.

Jade:  This stone is used for health and wealth. Sends gentle and steady healing energy. It is available in different colors and can be used for the chakra that matches its color. This stone can help temper your existence and rid yourself of negativity. It is a very protective stone.

Jasper:  This stone will work for a practical solution in your life. Its energy is used to protect and preserve the earth. Jasper comes in a rainbow of colors. Native Americans used Jasper to connect them to the spiritual world and keep them safe during the journey.

Kyanite:  This stone is used for grounding and rest and is available in different colors. It is used for visualization, dream interpretation and meditation. It is also said that if this stone is carried in the pocket for a while, all of the chakras will be aligned where they are supposed to be.

Labradorite:  Usually a metal iridescent stone, it helps the wearer to better communicate with the people around him. Do not salt it.

Lapis Lazuli:  This beautiful stone comes in a variety of shades of blue. Helps organize and calm the mind. It gives us full awareness and understanding of our dreams. It can help improve spiritual capacity and spiritual purity. Wear it near your throat.


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