Crystal Meanings S through Z


The dark blue stone helps communication, understanding, and intuition. It is more durable when placed next to the skin. Helps reduce stress and align the physical, mental and spiritual world. Black sapphires are the most protective.


A type of gypsum stone with white stripes. It is used to counter the effects of cancer and helps stabilize people with epilepsy episodes. Wearers need to imagine a warm light that brings them energy and healing. It also helps to let go of the problem.


This shining stone can help in mental and emotional cleansing. Help balance your emotions. Stones with poor memory and unreasonable fear are good for them. It is a less stressful stone than others.


This crystal is recognized for its healing and meditative powers. Contact with the throat chakra helps the wearer feel better. It helps you to be more objective and less critical of others and everyday events.


It is a rare blue-purple stone. It is a magic stone that emphasizes spiritual awakening and insight. It is also used to treat depression. Named after it was discovered in Tanzania, this beautiful stone helps dispel negativity.

Tiger's Eye:  

This stone is well known and is used to represent money, courage and luck. It strengthens thinking and helps bring your ideas to life. It is used to center and ground and helps us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses. It was known in ancient China as a true yin and yang balancer.


This stone comes in all colors, but most of the time it is a clear crystal. It helps the wearer to see the universal reality and is connected to everything. It helps relieve depression and insomnia. It has also been used as a toxic contaminant throughout history.


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