Crystal Meanings P through R

Pearl:  These stones symbolize the purity of the heart and innocence. It is used to balance emotions. It is a very nourishing stone, but it retains negativity until it can be cleaned. They help stabilize the mind and stimulate the heart. It is also said that pearl powder can be used on the skin as a skin cream for wonderful effects.

Peridot:  This stone is a vision stone and it is used for health and wealth. It leads us to our destiny and helps us to understand the purpose of our existence. It helps the body release toxic water and can provide brain cleansing.

Petrified Wood:  It is said to help the skin and muscle tissue. This stone helps you become more aware of everything in nature. It also helps the wearer connect with past life experiences and problems, reveal them and help them deal with them in this life.

Quartz:  There are many different types of quartz and rainbow colors. It is known as the most versatile healing stone. It is used to harmonize and direct others. Brightness brightness balance l. Is also used. Roses are believed to increase the love of life for others by wearing quartz.

Rhodonite:  This is called the stone of love. Calms the heart and helps with grounding and balance. This allows us to focus on tasks and clear up confusion. It can also aid in spiritual healing and communication.

Ruby:  This dark red stone helps maintain blood sugar levels and rejuvenates after fatigue. This will increase the positive and negative energy of the owner, so be careful. This anger can also surface very quickly. This stone will help to heal and improve psychological abilities and well-being.


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