Colored Gemstones Facts And Families

Gemstones is also very attractive from afar. For women, a simple dress with beautiful gemstones can make something beautiful easier. One of these gemstones has a trigger in the brightness of the colors which gives the wearer a splash of different energy. It is claimed that these jewelry also have a therapeutic effect. Based on the different colors, people are complimented by the choices they make. Experts say that if you are red, then you are considered passionate and loving. Some say that this kind of color represents anger and rage. Therefore, the list goes on. Colorful gemstones is made up of a mixture of different types of elements that have been helped by climate change.


There are 3 types of gems. Type 1 is the most common colored gemstone that doesn’t contain any inclusions. Examples are aquamarine, sapphire, blue sapphire, etc. Type 2 gems are visible to the naked eye. Examples include Ruby, Periodot, Tourmaline, etc. And the last type should be jewelry with movable ones that are visible and invisible to the eye, and are usually always included due to environmental influences. Examples are emeralds, watermelons, etc.

Principles of grading a gemstone are determined by 4 aspects. 

  • Color – it is considered one of the most important ingredients in determining the value of a gem. The color of the stone should be standard. All details should be bright, aligned and detailed throughout the body of the stone. Variations correspond to the value of gems.
  • Clarity – it will belong to a flawless gem. The conclusion should be invisible. The conclusions are used to explain the age of the stone and help gemologists identify the type of stone. If you plan to buy stones, consider the types of placement and inclusion. If you can find a gem without defects or conclusions, it will be very expensive as it is rarely not included in the gem.
  • Cut – in the cut, the light communicates with the gem. Cutting at a certain ratio will affect the projected color and vividness.
  • Carat – it represents the weight of the stone. The heavier it is, the more expensive it is. The carat tells you how much the stone has been stripped. A common measure in gem making is the weight of the stone, whether heavy or light.


A gemstone has different colors. This is not to say that when you think of Lal Ratna, only Manik will ring a bell. It takes more than one time to identify a gemstone based on its color. Sometimes a single gemstone contains 3-4 different ones, or a name may produce different colors. There are gemstones in different shades of colors here.


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