Cognitive Mental Health Disorders

Therapists around the globe are constantly searching for answers that help them understand mental illnesses. Cognitive disorders including, dementia, delirium, alcohol-induced disorders, and other related disorders are under constant studies. Most cognitive disorders listed in this article have classic denominators, including loss of memory.


Most of the diagnoses are linked to disease of the brain or biological disease, or else alcoholism and related chemicals. Often people with cognitive disorders have difficulty with speech, including relating with others, and reasoning. Their judgment is often affected, and their ability to recognize is often comprehended differently than the normal mind. Often the patients suffer depression, irritation, paranoia, and other related symptoms that could easily be misdiagnosed, since bipolar has similar characteristic symptoms.


Delirium includes symptoms that target the awareness, signals confusion, effects speech, loss of memory, imposes fear, stems depression, and many other symptoms that affect the patient. Physical symptoms also insult the patient. Increased heart rate, disturbance in sleep, nausea, and many other physical symptoms make it difficult for the patient to find comfort. Recent studies have shown however that medications can increase symptoms in the disorder, including strokes, heart attacks, imbalances and so forth.


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