Coaching Lives by the Big Guy Up There

The Realization

I remember the day my girlfriend and I broke up almost two years ago. For the couple who had been together for nearly six years, it was very disturbing to think that I would start to be single the next day. I didn't know where to start. I always had her by my side. I wasn't engaged in studying or extracurricular activities because I was with her virtually every moment. I didn't know who I was anymore. Six months of sadness and loss have passed. While attending weekday and Sunday services, I always sought refuge and comfort from the church, but no one felt calm and reassured. No one was able to rest their tired shoulders. I needed someone to build my life and tell me what to do.


That gave me a lot of meaning. I've forgotten it because I was here too busy to find the very superficial meaning of being able to carry myself out of what I'm used to. I was only around him. What I have and what I should do should be for him. I realized that he was his son, a manifestation of his glory and greatness. I first realized that I had to look for him and his justice. With this, I will soon receive what my heart wants. I now know the purpose of my existence.


The Inspiration

A new desire for him was born from within. To know myself better, I need to know where I come from and what my purpose is. It is marked and updated every day as I seek God. I have a purpose with it: it should be a means of drawing others to Him and spreading the wonders of His beauty, speech, passion and faith, and the promise of eternal life and blessings is more abundant than we are human beings. It didn't take long to find it. He was there, always was. He was waiting for me to stop, look in his direction, and acknowledge his presence. The rest is history. Sometimes we already have answers but we can't see the places that are close to us. When we pick up our pace, we quickly find something that makes us forget how difficult it is to focus on the things that come our way.


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