The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means wheel or circle. There are seven chakras or wheels from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The function of each chakra is to twist and bend while maintaining mental, mental, emotional and physical harmony. When we get sick or get sick, it indicates that one or more chakras are not aligned.


Crown chakra is the Chakra of Consciousness which is the master of all others. It is compared to the pituitary gland. It is symbolized by a thousand-petaled lotus, it is outside the body above the head. The brow chakra is compared to the pineal gland.  It is the chakra of time and light.


The throat chakra in charge of communication and other feedback. This cycle is compared to the thyroid. Located in the neck of the neck, it is symbolized by the lotus plant which has 16 petals.


The heart chakra is the chakra of high emotions, love, compassion and well-being. It is compared to the thymus. It is part of the immune and endocrine system. It is symbolized by a twelve-petalled lotus and is located in the middle of the chest.


The solar plexus chakra is associated with greater emotion and energy and is compared to the pancreas and peripheral adrenal glands. Digestion means turning food into energy for self-gain.


he sacral chakra is related to basic emotions and sexuality. This cycle is compared to the ovaries or testicles. It is located in the groin area, symbolized by a six-petal lotus plant.


The root chakra is concerned with our intuition, instinct and survival. It is compared to the medial adrenal and adrenal medulla of the kidney.


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