Can Meditation Improve My Health and Overall Wellbeing?

Meditation is, without doubt, an important key to health. Health, according to the World Health Organization, is not necessarily the absence of disease but the total state of well being in mental, social and psychological health besides physical well being. Meditation ensures that every aspect of your health is boosted and improved. During meditation, specific breathing patterns are observed. These breathing patterns work in the body by lowering the rate at which the heart beats, and thus ensuring that blood pressure is lowered to normal levels. When blood pressure is lowered, levels of stress are lowered and the production of healthy cells is boosted. This way, the level of immunity in the body is raised. Also, the hormones released into the blood stream and to the tissues are less harmful and very advantageous.


Many people do not really understand exactly how meditation brings about such desirable health effects, but the explanation is very simple. Meditation ensures that you place your focus on a specific thing. For instance, if you do meditation while concentrating on your back, you automatically cause increased flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to that specific part, thus ensuring that the part is nourished and made better in terms of health. Meditation also works to reduce tension and cramps, and this ensures that pain throughout the body is alleviated. Also, levels of anxiety, stress and depression are lowered during meditation. Apart from meditation having effects on the betterment of our health, it also works as a recovery agent. If you have undergone any form of trauma or medical treatment like a surgery, meditation will help you recover faster than any other prescription will do.