Bushido Life Coaching


Life coaching is a relatively new method of teaching people and helping them achieve their goals. Some use it for business, and some for personal gain. However, the endless pursuit of human achievement and satisfaction has proved to be a very important thing to consider. Man is always in constant search of what he should do in life, finds the cause of existence and uses the words of wisdom to live by them. People Sage-sages left the center of culture, conveying ideas to others so that they could inspire them with their way of life. 


One such age is the famous 16th century samurai, Tekeda Shingen. He focused on the simple existence of man as a way of thinking. In one of his famous lines he said: “Intelligence is the flower of discrimination. There are many examples when flowers bloom but do not bear fruit. "This gives birth to an idea that goes beyond the simple intellect of a person who can think clearly and react appropriately according to society. The intelligence he speaks of is active intelligence, a kind of intelligence in which people use their brains to do their best. This is the kind of intelligence in which a person is able to apply his knowledge and transmit his thoughts in fruits. The man here is responsible for achieving a goal of being productive. Many people think well and think fast and straight, but many people do not know why they are thinking about something. If people used their minds and helped others to think better, it would be very different. Now there is co-active coaching that helps both caregivers and beneficiaries learn from each other.

The Modern Samurai

When someone thinks of a samurai, one can't help but mention light armor, sword fighting, and an honor system to prepare for the battle ahead. Enemies are always there to disturb and harass, but the idea of being prepared for battle and thinking that every day is a day to die makes the samurai a strong person emotionally and spiritually. In modern times, all people from all walks of life live in this modern environment, in which almost everything is automated and manual labor is almost no longer available. Because of this, people are willing to use their wits to survive this competitive world where even friends tend to learn and to stay one step ahead of other friends. 


A modern man who thinks that he should only interact and complement the demands of society certainly needs the right intelligence to communicate. This man might have had the right idea, but the real question now is how to implement it in their lives and be good participants. Like a samurai who is the servant of his master. His principles guide him to maintain his honor. The modern samurai is a person who lives in the midst of technology, serving his own kind of teacher: himself. Without the application of your intellect, you will still be able to serve others, but you will not be able to find any meaning in your existence and why you are doing something for others. You must first learn to serve yourself to know that self has been taught. How can someone train others if they can't learn to train themselves first? This is the way of the modern samurai: learn to teach yourself to be aware of what to teach others. It is bushido life coaching.


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