Boji Stones

Boji stones are used in the healing process. You can feel the energy of the stones to help balance your energy field. When you hold the stones, in each hand, you can pull and push each other like magnets do. It is best to always use two stones, making sure that one is male and the other female. When you think that what you feel is the strongest energy, notice which stone is in which hand. Keep this in mind for future use. When you're ready, lie on your back and place the left hand stone on your head and the right hand stone on your feet. Imagine golden-white healing lights as they work to release the blocks you have. These stones can be used in the meridian of the body instead of acupuncture needles.


Each Boji has its own positive and negative aspects. Crystallized ones are generally male and smooth ones are female. Men are most often placed on the weak side of the body. Caring for the stones means sitting in the sun or moonlight twice a week. Use baking soda and a toothbrush to clean them. These precious stones were discovered during geological drilling where fossils and petrified bones were found. Occasionally, when it rains, boji stones appear like rock mushrooms.


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