Behaviors and Self Determination

Some people struggle with developing skills because of particular behaviors developed from influences over the years. When they struggle with pre-structured behaviors or genetically related behaviors it often makes it a harder struggle to build self-determination. Usually with some help, a good mentor, counselor, etc, the person can develop skills. It may take longer, but it is worth the wait.

A person's behavior towards a situation could also affect the way others see them. Their attitude towards others could also affect their behavior as well. Ones attitude needs to be adjusted for one to develop and change their self-determination. A person could be assessed in any situation so as to understand what they are going through for one to understand them in any way. May be a sort of group therapy may also help so as the teacher can pick up on any feelings you may have when discussing matters.


Some people may feel better if they converse about things first to others and listen to others and there issues or problems they may have or problems they seem to face in every day life. In a child it could be something that has happened to them emotionally or mentally. No one knows unless these issues are raised. If a child has a problem at home maybe the child feels better telling a complete stranger i.e. Counselor so as they can understand from the way they may see things rather than talk to a relative.


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