Barriers in Personal Development (Personal & Interpersonal Development: Language Barriers)

Language is a tradition almost as old as time. It is often used as the most common form of communication, even since ancient times, when the first cavemen spoke to each other, first with a series of grunts and movements of the face and body, and then evolving into alphabets and rudimentary phrases, and continuing to develop as civilization flourishes. Languages are the best way to communicate personal thoughts and opinions on certain topics to other people and allow them to communicate their own ideas. Thanks to language, we can easily exchange information successfully, allowing people to learn from each other.


By being able to use the right words and the right way to make your point, it will be easier for you to find people who will listen to you and listen to your opinions. When others find flaws in your argument and point them out to you, you can learn more from that experience by evaluating the weaknesses in your argument and improving them. In this way, learning from criticism can be very beneficial, as it can allow you to hone your speaking and writing skills to a greater extent, and allows you to find illogical statements in your improvement arguments.


Perhaps most importantly, you can establish yourself as a good speaker or debater to establish yourself as an identity, not just for others, but for yourself in particular. What most people talk about shows their personality; A person who is very persistent on his side of the argument despite the facts maybe someone who does not have a very open mind on certain issues. Someone who likes to rely on factual information and statistics may be a boring speaker, but they are highly intellectual. A person who is able to listen to both sides of the argument and express his own opinion as to why his decision is trying to include the best of both worlds is usually very diplomatic and tends to mediate between two parties to the conflict, however, he may have Difficulty taking a final page.


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