Avoidant Disorders in Mental Health

Yes, there is a diagnosis titled Avoidant Personality Disorder. This type of personality will often avoid public, since they fear that the people will reject them, disappoint them, humiliate them, or view them as a complete failure. They often are reluctant to ask for help, ask questions, or speak in public. They also work below their abilities since promotions are often frightening for them.


Most times, they suffer inferiority complexes, and suffer severe episodes of loneliness, depression, anxiety attacks, and so forth. Schizoid personality types are similar, in the sense, they will avoid public, and however avoidant personality types do not have a need to socialize. We are discussing this disorder simply because I have to question the idea of this disorder in the first place.


After studying an individual with multiple personality disorder (MPD), and noticing that the individual displayed avoidant behaviors in certain areas of the persons personality, I noticed that the person was not frightened of social, rather abused and neglect by the father and by the system. The person was raised by a paranoid schizophrenia that taught her or punished her when she would go in the public, or else visit another home. When the person was able to befriend others the father, moving to another area, instantly swept her away.


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