Are You Stressed Out By Your Marriage?

You may remember when you first saw your future companion. Or you may remember the moment you realized that this was the person you intended to marry. These memories are a special reminder of the excitement of a new relationship… the excitement you feel when you fall in love. These are the times you like to hang around for the rest of your life. Then reality sets in. This may have happened in the first month of your marriage. Or it could have happened a year after you got engaged. It can't happen for five years. Either way, you suddenly feel a lot of pressure and blame it on your spouse. There may be strains on finances, strains on raising children, and strains on where to live. Sometimes the conflict seems trivial - you may be busy dying to find out who is responsible for the overflowing toilet.


 It can also be helpful to have fun activities together. Then whether it's skiing, nautilus gear or bowling, relaxing exercises can be easier and can help you manage stress better. Exercise also allows you to see your partner in a different light - as a partner rather than an opponent. In the end, you will find that exercise makes you both happy and healthy. Another technique that can help you deal with marital stress is to schedule a "couple meeting" every week.


But what if your marital stress becomes intolerable? The important thing is to keep the line of communication between you and your spouse open. However, if you are still much stressed, consult an outside party. For example, you can schedule a session with a pastor so that you can see the difference between yourself and your spouse. Alternatively, you can consult a marriage therapist who specializes in resolving differences between spouses. However, it should be recognized that such sessions require a great deal of effort and emotional commitment.


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