Appreciating the Romantic Within

While jumping headfirst into ‘romance mode’ is fun and exciting, after a while it will start to become stale just like a relationship can.  Being romantic can always be fresh and fun as long and the couple understands what the motives are behind the romance and the underlying intentions.  Understanding romance is the most important part of being romantic.


When you decide that you want to begin being romantic, you usually take it slow and carefully consider what your partner likes and prefers when it comes to gifts, actions and gestures.  Each romantic expression should have a significant meaning behind it.  How you are going to be romantic is far more important that why you are going to be romantic.  The process of how you are going to be romantic generally encompasses the ‘why’ in a much bigger way and is far more effective in conveying any message.


When you first met your spouse, you most likely experienced the ‘crush’ or ‘puppy love’ phase of your relationship.  While you may experiences moments of similar feelings, it is almost impossible to recreate that feeling after spending years together.  However, you can always have passion with your spouse.  Wouldn’t you agree that passion is much more desirable than ‘puppy love’?


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