Antique Birthday Gemstone History

Each stone has its own story. Some are fascinating enough to be heard, others are the same old story. But it doesn't matter how old the story is, if it's important enough to be heard. Knowing the history of an ancient gem is worth it, especially when it comes to stones. Keep in mind, because this antiquity, which was buried long before mankind multiplied, is only more valuable than what is made in laboratories and which has been made and polished for more than a hundredth time. Why? They have qualities that these gemstones do not have.


They say people born this month are great at communicating and sociable. But the Garnet was known long before the ancient Romans and Greeks. This gem looks like a pomegranate seed, hence its name in the Latin sense. The ancients associated this stone with fire. Christians believed that Noah used it to light his ark. Pearls of stability, truth and faith.


One of the oldest ornaments is using amethyst gemstone. In royal terms, this stone was also used for church purposes. It is said to be worn by travelers and warriors when it comes to fighting for protection, avoiding addiction, and bringing business luck.


The gemstone Aquamarine is known for the color of sea water. When it sinks in water, it starts disappearing and be invisible. Old fishermen wear this stone as protection for their water journey. Subsequently, people believed that this stone would be purified as it was worn because it had water properties. It also brings unaffected youth and happiness throughout life.


A stone that means invincible. Diamond is second to none when it comes to hardness. And due to its exceptional quality, hardness, luster and rarity, it is one of the most expensive and priceless gemstones ever found. The story goes that this stone is only reserved and is only brought to the royal family. A diamond symbolizes eternal happiness through the bonds of marriage.


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