Animal Reiki

Be that as it may, animals love Reiki more than people. It is an exchange of energy between the animal and the doctor. Some animals instinctively know that you are trying to help them and they still stand up and allow Reiki to cover them.


Some animals are givers and know how to send Reiki to a doctor. This is a wonderful way to bond with your animal friend. Animals keep their problems under the stomach or along the spine. Make sure you are touching these areas when treating them.


Most practitioners start with the animal's head and work their way down the spine. You will feel some "hot" spots and know where to go. Talk to the animal while you are doing the treatment. Let them know that you love and care for them and want them to be there long, long. Three times a week should be enough to get started. After about a week, the spots should be removed and the animal will heal more easily in the future. Sometimes it is something as simple as haunting animals.


There may be tensions in your family, or you may be stressing at work and bringing it home. As children, the animal can understand this and it can be stressful for both of you. The animal may start to feel tired or become seriously ill. Try to keep track of your feelings and don't take it to the family. Your children and pets will thank you.


These are unconditional love packages that you can’t buy anywhere else. Pets give us a lot in our lives, and in return we should at least try to treat them something. Most dogs, cats, horses, birds, lizards and turtles enjoy getting Reiki.


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