Animal Crystal Shapes

You can use these special stones as jewelry, meditation or totem.

Alligator:  Survival and stealth Antelope:  Speed and grace

Dolphin:  Joy and harmony Bear:  Strength and self-knowledge

Frog:  Cleansing and Peace Buffalo:  Abundance and healing

Goose:  Safe returns from trips Caribou:  Mobility

Otter:  Joy and laughter Cougar:  Leadership

Salmon:  Determination and persistence Coyote:  Humor

Seagull:  Versatility Elephant:  Luck and good memory

Seal:  Contentment Elk:  Pride and majesty

Swan:  Elegance Fox:  Cleverness

Turtle:  Love and protection Goat:  Diligence

Whale:  Creativity and intuition Hedgehog:  Self preservation

Hedgehog:  Self preservation Bee:  Gathering for the community

Horse:  Freedom and power Bird:  Unity and freedom

Lizard:  Letting go Butterfly:  Transformation

Moose:  Spontaneity Crane:  Balance

Porcupine:  Innocence Crow:  Council and wisdom

Rabbit:  Conquering any fears Crow:  Council and wisdom

Skunk:  Caution Dragonfly:  Skill and refinement

Snail:  Perseverance Eagle:  Healing and potency

Snake:  Power Hawk:  Truth

Squirrel:  Thriftiness Owl:  Vision and insight

Raven:  Mystery Sandpiper:  Quickness


These are the most common animals. Of course, there are many more names, but this is an exhaustive list of most animals. When you wear or use these symbols in your daily life, they can bring the value mentioned above into your life. These can be totems or just special symbols that are associated with your inner self.  Many people have animals as totems and other items.


These animals will stay with you for the rest of your life and avoid danger when you feel threatened. They are watching over us and protecting us.

Crystal Ball:  Send energy in every direction

Pyramids:  Focus all energies

Egg shape:  Bring forth new beginnings

Scarab:  Abundance

Feather:  Call the spirits

Ankh:  Enhances fertility of the mind, spirit, and bod

Yin Yang:  Balance

Cross:  Protection

Heart:  Love


There are also other shapes used to make crystals that have many meanings. These are the most common ones that others see and use. When you look at it and catch it, find your particular piece by looking at what resonates with you.


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