Analyzing Common Dream World Symbols

Dreams represent a fascinating alternate reality, and dream analysis is a fascinating subject for professionals and the general public alike. Many feel that if they can understand and control their dreams, all the problems in the real world will be solved. This position can be a bit difficult, but it is true that many of the problems of dreams have their roots in the world of awakening, and once these daytime problems are resolved, so are the dreams they caused. When studying a fascinating and sometimes confusing dream world, it is a good idea to see the symbols that many others have found on common dream objects.

A dream accident could represent fear of an actual accident, or it could represent fear of some sort of mental or physical breakdown.

Dreaming about waking up can symbolize a realization of, or openness to, new ideas and new experiences.

Dreaming about a brother has different meanings depending on the relationship of the dreamer to his or her actual brother. If there is a strained relationship, a dream about a brother can represent an inner core of love and respect for the sibling.

Dreams of climbing can be symbols for yearning or reaching, or for the attaining of new mental, spiritual or physical goals.

Dreaming of a desert, or of being lost in a desert, can represent loneliness and longing.

A door can be a symbol for the possibility of a better opportunity. Being afraid to open a door in a dream can mean you are afraid to try new things.

Eating in a dream can represent nourishment, or the need to be taken care of.

Dreams of falling can represent a loss of control, or a feeling of being unable to maintain your position in life.

A gate in a dream is similar to a door, in that it represents an opportunity for movement and growth. Going through the gate can be a sign that you are ready to try new things.

The heart is seen as a symbol of love. Most dreams which include heart shapes center on love and romance.

Dreams of being paralyzed or immobilized can be indications that the dreamer feels trapped. For instance, you may feel trapped or smothered in a relationship, or you may feel like you are unable to get ahead at your job.

Dreaming about jumping can symbolize that the dreamer is open to achieving greater goals. Jumping is usually a positive symbol, and it can mean that the dreamer faces a bright future.

A ladder can be a symbol for growth, or for spiritual learning. A ladder can symbolize a desire to reach higher, or to achieve greater happiness.

Dreams about military figures often symbolize a desire for authority. Dreams about the military often represent a craving for the bravery engendered by the armed forces.

Dreaming about a noose can symbolize a guilt and a fear of punishment. Seeing a noose in your dreams may mean you are afraid of something in your waking life.

The meaning of the pig symbol depends on your cultural frame of reference. While to most westerners a pig symbolizes greed and filth, to the Chinese a pig is a symbol of strength.

Rain also has a number of meanings in the dream world. In some scenarios, rain can symbolize depression, while at other times it can represent a cleansing and a renewal. The meaning will depend on the context of rain within the dream.


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