Affordable Life Coach Training

Anyone can become a life coach with the spirit of helping people, willingness and heart. However, the problem is that they are not enough to make you a competent and more effective life coach. You need training and guidance. However, the training of life coaches can be anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. What if you don't have that much money? Does this mean that your dream of becoming a life coach is over? Not enough affordable life coaching training opportunities.


Like school, you too can realize your dreams of becoming a life coach by availing scholarships. Many companies are willing to help you as long as you are qualified and have the zeal to have one. One approach is whether you currently work as an employee of a particular company. You can inquire about any scholarships or programs that will give you what you need. Most companies these days provide such privileges to their employees as the whole company can benefit from life coaching. If your company does not have a scholarship program or training, you can discuss it with your boss / supervisor and suggest the need for one. Most of the time, these programs are 100% free. Another approach is to apply for a scholarship at one of the best coaching academies. One of these institutes is the International Coach Academy. The International Coach Academy is a world leader in coach education. They provide high quality, affordable and accessible training. They have a vocational coach training program certified by the International Coach Federation. The best thing is that they give scholarships to those who are entitled to it. Their scholarship program gives scientists a 50% discount on tuition fees.

Looking For A Mentor

Another way to get affordable personal trainer training is to use a mentor. If you are assertive enough, you may find someone, a life coach, willing to take you as an apprentice. This may not be formal training, but it does not mean that it will be less effective. Always keep in mind that the experience is better than any teacher or coach or mentor for your personal trainer. Of course, it's not easy to jump and find someone to be your mentor with just a finger. You need to win their trust and show that you are really determined to be them. A "real" life mentor will help you in every way he can, once he knows that he has passion and determination.


If none of the above works for you and you still don't want to give up, this is your last idea - self-training. Self-study requires you to have a variety of sources of information, including books. There are plenty of books about Life Coaching, but you don’t have to buy one. These books are readily available at your local libraries. The Internet is another source of information. There is an abundance of information related to Life Coaching on the Information Highway. You need to be careful about what information you use or where you got it from. Choose trusted sources on the Internet.


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