A Word About Dream Analysis And Interpretation

Dreams very likely existed while they were human to dream them. Dreams are an integral part of the human experience and everyone dreams at least four times and up to seven times every night for their entire life. Unborn babies are even believed to dream while still in the womb. With such an important place in human history, it is no wonder that dream interpretation has such a long and storied history. Everyone wants to know what their dreams mean, and the interpretation and analysis of dreams are probably as old as the dreams themselves.


Many ancient people thought of the dream world as the time when the soul left the body to communicate with the world of spirits. The soul was thought to leave the body every night and go to the world of the ancients. During this time, the dreamer's soul was gathering knowledge and wisdom from both late and ancient ancestors. In other societies, those who could interpret and analyze dreams were valued and given a special place in society. The Romans and Greeks in particular paid close attention to the analysis of dreams and used the analysis of dreams to determine the best course of action in matters ranging from politics to war.


Both the ancient and modern worlds are full of dreams that are considered prophetic. In particular, the Bible is a rich source of information on all kinds of dreams and prophecies, and the pages of the Bible contain many dreams and dream interpretations. Old Testament prophets often consulted dream interpreters for advice on politics, warfare, and other relationships. At the beginning of the 19th century, the interpretation of dreams went out of style and dreams didn't matter much at the time.


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